The Shoulder: Theory & Practice

11 Mar 2017 - This evidence-based theoretical and practical course is based on extensive clinical experience in assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of shoulder pathology, as well as extensive reference to research publications from a variety of disciplines. Innovative models of shoulder assessment including the Shoulder Symptom Modification Procedure (Lewis 2009 British Journal of Sports Medicine) and methods for staging the assessment and treatment of rotator cuff tendinopathy will be presented and practiced. Emphasis will be placed on clinical reasoning to support management decisions. Participants completing this course will gain a greater understanding of the anatomy, biomechanics, assessment and evidence-based treatment of this interesting and complicated region of the body.

This course remains a ‘work in progress’ and is continually being updated with the emergence of new research and clinical understanding. As a result, many people have participated on two and some on three occasions. This course will be fun, thought provoking, and provide opportunity to discuss ideas and share experiences.

Title of Seminar The Shoulder: Theory & Practice
Location of Seminar Bournemouth, UK
Seminar Organiser Anglo European College of Chiropractic
Start Date 11/03/2017
End Date 12/03/2017
Website Link
Credits Allocated to this seminar
14 Credits   2 Days
Accompanying Documents
J Lewis 11-12 March 2017 flyer
Seminar Contact Details
Contact Name Carleen Coombes
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