Integration: A Conversation with the Neuroscience Institute

Integration: A Conversation with the Neuroscience Institute

It’s happening! More and more we see examples of outreach from the medical community to doctors of chiropractic (DCs). In February 2013, the physicians and staff of the Neuroscience Institute and Comprehensive Spine Center at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center invited all local DCs to a dinner and case presentation by Stephen Troyanovich, DC.The physicians who attended the presentation were seeking information and evidence on the proven health benefits of chiropractic. As someone who spends her days educating and assisting DCs with how to become more integrated, I am always intrigued as to what the mechanisms are behind this phenomenon. I asked for an interview, and, in keeping with its friendly February outreach, the Neuroscience Institute was more than accommodating in granting me time in June 2013.

In attendance:
• Kenneth Candido, MD, Pain Management
• John Song, MD, Neurosurgery
• Raina Gupta, MD, Neurology
• Emily Jakacki, director, Neurosciences Institute & Hospital Based Programs

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