A National Health Systems Strategy in Malta

Securing our health system for our future generations, was the subheading of this document, first published in 2014, by the Ministry for Energy and Health. This 96 page elegant paper outline the importance of building bridges and recreate connection between … Continue reading

Barcelona Chiropractic College Opens in October

Four years ago, a Dr. Adrian Wenban, a chiropractor who graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology in Australia, but practices in Barcelona, Spain, decided that Europe needed “vitalistic” chiropractic college. He reasoned that since there were currently only … Continue reading

Italian Parliament Passes Law on Chiropractic

The Associazione Italiana Chiropratici (AIC) has announced that 17 years after the presentation of the first law proposal for professional recognition, on December 21, 2007, chiropractic was recognized by the Italian Parliament as a primary health care profession. For more … Continue reading