Treating Patients rather than Images

25 Feb 2017 Distinguish between serious/significant spine MRI abnormalities and insignificant abnormalities. Clarify the relationship between specific spine MRI abnormalities and patient signs and symptoms Present the literature and cases comparing specific MRI abnormalities with outcomes from chiropractic spinal manipulation … Continue reading

DNS Exercise Course Part 3

12 Nov 2016 – The AECC is pleased to be offering all 3 DNS Exercise courses with part 1 on 30-31 Jan’16 & part 2 on 2-3 Jul’16. Please note to attend seminar 2 delegates must have attended seminar 1 … Continue reading

Treatment of the Warrior Athlete

08 Oct 2016 – This seminar is intended to prepare the chiropractor to effectively manage extreme athletes and those who engage in rugged occupations. Warrior athletes are those in sports and professions who place extreme demands on their bodies and frequently “play” … Continue reading