Intermediate Dry Needling

14 Mar 2015 – To attend this seminar you must have attended an Introductory Dry Needling course with Dr John Reynolds or elsewhere. The seminar is open to Chiropractors, Pysiotherapists and Osteopaths. This one-day course aims to build on the knowledge … Continue reading

Activator Method Chiropractor Technique

28 Feb 2015 – Learn the world’s #1 instrument adjusting technique! Begin the process of mastering the Activator Method at the AECC Activator Methods seminar. Become one of thousands of chiropractors who have developed certainty in their technique by using the … Continue reading

Management of Lumbar Disc Derangements

07 Feb 2015 – You will cover the following topics: * Intro: Course Overview * Defining Lumbar Disc Derangements * Clinical Presentation of Lumbar Disc Derangements * Orthopedic Neurology * The Examination * The Role of Advanced Imagery in Evaluating Lumbar … Continue reading