Active Release Techniques Spine level 1

16 Mar 2017 - ART is a very advanced soft-tissue treatment and educational system for  Physios, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and massage Therapists.ART is widely sought by professional athletes and teams, and by anyone who wants a very specific hands-on treatment, rapid injury recovery, improving athletic performance or preventing injuries. 

Nothing can compete with our sensitive fingertips, if they are trained and experienced in locating, differentiate and treating the specific structures in the different layers under the skin.
And this is what ART is all about! 
ART is like an anatomy class like no other. You will learn how to develop this sensitive touch so you can make amazing changes in different and very specific structures, and normalize the gliding potential between them. You will also learn how to release nerve entrapments at the very specific area where the nerve is trapped,  and make the whole nerve glide to it’s normal potential.
The ART Spine course consists of 82 protocols including peripheral nerve entrapments. Learn how to successfully treat soft tissue disorders from the pelvic to the cervical spine, including chronic headaches, TMJ disorders, dural tension and peripheral nerve entrapments.
(Registration for this course includes a personalized 318 page bound study manual, 1 instructional DVD, and one Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas. One Visible Body license will be issued per ART®provider.) 
Course Schedule:
Registration 11.30, Start 12.00, Ends 17.00.
Start 8.00 and Ends 17.00
Start 8.00 and Ends 17.00
Sunday: PRACTICAL TESTS (8.00 to 12.00)
Title of Seminar Active Release Techniques Spine level 1
Location of Seminar Van der Valk Hotel Hilversum – De Witte Bergen
Rijksweg 2
The Netherlands
3755 MV
Seminar Organiser  
Start Date 16/03/2017
End Date 19/023/2017
Website Link
Credits Allocated to this seminar
    21 Hours
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Seminar Contact Details
Contact Name Katrin van der Lagen
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